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Victus Advisory

The Complete Solution

Victus Advisory provides a range of services to maximise the profitability of your green energy projects. Over the last decade we have developed the knowledge and relationships that ensures your project remains productive and profitable over it’s economic lifetime. Our skills in managing key stakeholder relationships such as funders, Ofgem, statutory agencies & DNO etc. protects your investment by ensuring compliance and standards are met.

Advisory Services:

  • Green energy project management.
  • Licensing, compliance & relationship management with stakeholders.
  • ROC & Power trading.
  • Case Study:- McGranes Nurseries
Victus Capital


The Right Capital Solution

Victus Capital’s well established relationships with key green energy funds helps us match your project with the right capital partner. We understand how obtaining the right funding, early in the process, aids the long-term success and profitability of your project. With access to key investors locally and nationally, we’ll help you match your project quickly and efficiently. We will reduce the amount of time spent on investor milk rounds and multiple business cases. Victus is a project refinancing specialist and exiting early high interest funds for better rates is a proven means to increase profitability. Contact us for more information.

Capital Management:

  • Identifying capital partners.
  • Matching funders & technologies.
  • Refinancing projects with new capital.
  • Fast-tracking the business case.
  • Case Study:- Hewitt Meats


Victus Partnerships

Strengthen your project through Partnership

Choose Victus as a project partner in areas such as technology, equity participation, performance management and increasing revenues. Our consultative approach focuses on areas such as site acquisition, energy requirements, identifying efficiencies, matching technologies and partnering in the end-to-end delivery of the project. Our project partnerships to date have varied from £100k to £10M.


  • Project equity participation.
  • Match funding.
  • Growing revenues.
  • Supply chain partnerships.
  • Case Study:- Edenmore Farms

Nutrient Recovery

Watch the first Vapogant installation in the UK and NI.

Visit our partner website to find out more.

Nutrient Recovery & Waste Management

Victus Energy is part of the Pentagon Group, a consortium of businesses focused on solutions for Nutrient Recovery & Waste Management. Along with our partners we have invested over £1M in sourcing and installation of the Vapogant, this German engineered nutrient recovery solution was designed by Biogastechnik Sud for energy efficient slurry and digestive reduction with ammonia recovery. The vapogant works in concert with waste management technologies and anaerobic digestion facilities and will process your waste liquids into a high-concentration fertiliser. The genius of the Vapogant is how it facilitates both cost reductions and revenue generation, while also aiding statutory body compliances; by significantly reducing the ammonium and nitrate emissions and land areas required for spreading.

  • Reduces water volume and concentrates the liquid fraction
  • Extracts the nutrients - for fertiliser use on site, or onward sale
  • Reduces operating and capital costs - storage, handling & land use
  • Satisfies the statutory bodies - ensuring compliance
  • Increases revenue - sales and savings
  • Maximises use of energy and heat

Client Case Studies